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A selection of leaves, pine cones, fiber, acorns, grass, seeds, sticks, lotus, and loofah sponges. There are 17 products selected in this pack. Tulan leaves (5), bodhi leaves (5), heart leaves (5), cercis leaves (5), assorted pine cones (60g), long pine cones (60g), mango leaves (60g), palm tree fibre (40g), bamboo leaves (40g), acorns (40g), wild grass bundles (3), cotton seed capsules (25g), long bamboo sticks (125g), lotus heads (3), star anise (60g), loofah sponges (6g), cinnamon sticks (60g).
A selection of seashells and scallops. Small seashells (125g) x 3, large seashells pack (125g) x 3, scallops (white fan shell) (250g), exotic shells (6).
A selection of botanicals, wood, shells, minerals, stones and gems. There are 14 products selected in this pack. willow balls (2), branch chips (60g), branch offcuts - oval (60g), branch offcuts - circular (60g), rattan slices (60g), bark squares (3), river pebbles (250g), small polished stones -assorted (250g), small gemstones (60g),
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