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This bundle will provide your child with the opportunity to participate in open-ended exploration and play, while learning concepts through self-inquiry.

.LIGHT PANEL - Your child will be naturally drawn to the gentle glow of this panel which will optimize exploration and inquiry.
.BUGS INSECT X-RAY PICTURE CARDS - These durable cards are a great way to view insect bodies. Perfect for any budding entomologist.
.INTERLOX DISCS - Children will strengthen their concept of design as they explore the symmetry, structure and engineering.
.TRANSLUCENT COLOUR BLOCKS - As children play with these blocks, they will naturally investigate the properties of colour, and math.
.INSECT SPECIMEN SET - Learning about insects can be fun and self directed with this intriguing Insect set. Perfect for curious learners!

This bundle will make open ended play and learning at home so much fun! Open-ended play allows children to learn more than you could ever imagine. Open-ended play helps stretch the child's cognitive thinking, react better in situations and feel inspired.
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