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Its remarkable aromas provide an extraordinary opportunity to explore and discover the world via an amazing new dimension. Here is a simple game which fascinates children and adults in the discovery of our least used, yet most acute, sense: the sense of smell. It includes 30 distinct aroma diffusers enclosed in child resistant capsules which need to be matched with the corresponding image found on five brightly illustrated game boards. Enjoy this original fragrance bingo! It's Fragrance Bingo! Fun for both adults and children, there are 2 sets of rules to keep the game, well, smelling fresh! For ages 4+ (with adult supervision). Box Includes: 30 aroma containers 5 visual game boards Rules Guide

Product Specifications:
- Play bingo with your nose!
- Put a spin on game night with this unique, one-of-a-kind board game. Share good times and great smells with friends and family!
- Detect a variety of scents all from fruits to plants within the provided capsules. Maybe it’s a banana or even a peach, show everyone your spectacular sense of smell.
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