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The Original Sensory Tub is an ideal starter kit on which to build your equipment base and resources. Contains a wide selection of stimulation equipment that has been grouped under six different headings: tactile, weighted, vibration, visual, auditory and massage. All these products will encourage movement, hand-eye coordination, vocalisation, tracking skills and visual attention. The equipment will also help communication skills, develop sensory awareness and promote relaxation. The Sensory Tub comes complete with a ‘Suggested Ideas of Use’ manual written by an Occupational Therapist. Tub measures 80cm x 39cm x 30cm. Contents (may vary):

1 x Sturdy Wheeled Tub, Tactile, 1 x Squidgie Ball, 1 x Mondo Ultimate, Spaghetti Ball, 3 x Jumbo Water Wigglers, 2 x Spider Balls, 2 x Koosh Balls, Auditory, 1 x Wiggly Giggly Large, 2 x Egg Shakers, 1 x Star Tambourine, 1 x Half Moon Tambourine, 3 x Soundhose, 2 x Giraffe Shaker, 1 x Glockenspiel, 1 x Mini Rainbow Maker, 5 x Talking Buttons,
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