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The brain requires exposure to a variety of sensory experiences to remain alert and engaged. It is important when starting a sensory activity program to make sure you address all of the senses. The Sensory Essentials Kit provides a selection of sensory products that addresses Touch, Vision, Smell, Hearing, Balance, Pressure, and Vibration. A snack or refreshment offered after sensory activities will round out the full sensory experience by providing “Taste”). In addition to stimulating the senses, the products included can be used to promote communication skills, sensory awareness, hand-eye coordination, fine motor dexterity, and cognitive attention. These products are also recommended to calm hyperactivity, and minimize perseveration, fidgeting and agitation.
Contents (may vary):
3 x Finger Fidgets
3 x Sensory Bead Balls
6 x Puffer Balls
1 x LED Fibre Optic Mushroom
4 x Large Sensory Bubble Set
1 x Aromashell Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser
1 x Scotch Pine Essen
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