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The Tool Shed Scentscape has been designed to stimulate memories of afternoons spent working away in the tool shed, making and mending things for the home. Combine the unmistakable scents of engine oil, sawdust and car polish with the sounds of effort and elbow grease to create a warm feeling of familiarity and engagement for any DIY enthusiast. Active Minds noticed that later into somebody’s journey with dementia, certain activities which may have been both important to a routine and comforting become less accessible. Scentscapes were designed to offer somebody both sound and scents of various popular experiences. Our research showed these to be powerful tools to help transport people to a time or place, stimulating memories and conversation and helping to access memories that would otherwise have been difficult to reach. Each Scentscape comes with three scents, three smelling jars and a 30 minute CD with specific sounds of a particular theme. Each CD is split into three different sections which relate to the three individual scents. A great product to use in a group or one to one. Measures 36cm x 18cm x 4cm (14” x 7” x 2”).
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