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The Tactile Vibration Sensory Tub contains items which will offer contrasting experiences such as warm-cold, soft-hard, smooth-rough, reflective-absorbent and round-angular. The vibration items can be held or placed against the body. Comes in a sturdy wheeled tub with a suggested “Ideas of Use” manual written by an Occupational Therapist. Tub measures 80cm x 39cm x 30cm (31" x 15" x 12"). Contents (may vary):

1 x Sturdy Wheeled Tub
1 x Guiro Shaker Tube
2 x Massage Rollers
1 x Two Wheel Massage Roller
1 x Dome Massager
2 x Sensyball Small
1 x Koosh Ball
2 x Pairs of UV Mittens
1 x Backrest Massager
2 x Spider Balls
3 x Space Blankets
1 x Tactile Sand Tiles
1 x Mine Ball
1 x Bumble Ball
4 x Jumbo Water Wigglers
1 x Cuddle Ball
5 x Finger Colour Mats
4 x Gooey Mesh Balls
1 x Tactile Hands & Feet
1 x Feelie Bags and Stand
1 x Tactile Discs
1 x Bobo Massager
1 x Crystal Organz Rainbow Pack
4 x Vibrating Farm Critters
1 x Touch and Match
1 x Massage Peanut Roll
1 x Squidgie Ball
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