Avron Shipping & Delivery

General Shipping Information:

Avron provides comprehensive shipping solutions across Canada. We utilize our own fleet within the specified delivery service areas in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and partner with reputable courier or cartage companies for areas outside of these zones.


Fleet Delivery Zones:

- For orders over $300 before taxes within our delivery service area, shipping is free.

- Within the GTA, highlighted in blue on our delivery map, orders over $200 before taxes qualify for free shipping.

- A shipping fee of $30.00 applies to orders less than $200.00 (before taxes) within the GTA.

- Outside the GTA but within our service areas, a shipping fee of $50.00 is applicable for orders less than $300.00 (before taxes).

Click here to view our fleet delivery schedule.


Nationwide Delivery Coverage:

- Orders over $300 before taxes are eligible for free shipping across all provinces.

- For orders with a subtotal of $69 or below, a minimum freight charge of $9.99 is applied.

- Orders with a subtotal ranging from $70 to $299 incur a freight charge of $29.99.


Remote Postal Code Policy:

- Orders destined for remote locations, as defined by Canada Post, are subject to a delivery charge of 25% of the order subtotal.

- In instances where the remote delivery charge does not adequately cover shipping costs, customers will be informed, and surcharges may apply.


Special Item/Order Delivery Policy:

- Avron's special items or orders characterized by irregular dimensions or requiring specialized handling are subject to a delivery surcharge, in cases where standard delivery methods are insufficient.

- Customers will be notified of any additional surcharge for approval prior to shipment.

- Avron contributes up to 15% of the order subtotal to offset additional delivery costs in these situations.


Additional Surcharges:

- Accessorial charges are applicable for Tailgate or inside deliveries.

- Deliveries serviced by barge, sea craft, ferry, rail, or air may incur additional charges.

- Orders requiring a 2-person delivery or deliveries outside of provincial forwarding points to the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Labrador, and Nunavut may also attract surcharges.


Remote Postal Codes: 

A0K 0B5J0M 0B1P0V 0A3R0B 0C4T0H 1R0X0A 0A9X0C 0B0
A0K 1N0 J0M 0B2P0V0A7R0B 0C5T0P 0A1X0A 0B0X0C 0C0
A0P 0V0J0M 0B4P0V 0B1R0B 0C6T0P 1B0X0A 0B1X0C 0E0
A0P 0A1J0M 0B5P0V 0B4R0B 0C7T0P 1P0X0A 0B2X0C 0G0
A0P 0A2J0M 0B6P0V 0B8R0B 0C8V0J 0B7X0A 0B3X0C 0H0
A0P 0A4J0M 0B7P0V 0B9R0B 0C9V0J 0B0X0A 0B4X0C 0J0
A0P 0A7J0M 1A0P0V 0C1R0B 0E0V0J 0N0X0A 0B4X0E 0A0
A0P 0A8J0M 1C0P0V 0C2R0B 0E2V0N 1M0X0A 0E0X0E 0A2
A0P 0A9J0M 1G0P0V 0C3R0B 0E3V0N 2B0X0A 0G0X0E 0A6
A0P 1A0J0M 1H0P0V 0C4R0B 0M0V0N 3H0X0A 0H0X0E 0B3
A0P 1G0J0M 1J0P0V 0C5R0B 0N0V0N 3S0X0A 0J0X0E 0B4
A0P 1J0J0M 1K0P0V 0C7R0B 0T0V0P 0A4X0A 0K0X0E 0B5
A0P 1L0J0M 1M0P0V 1B0R0B 0V0V0P 1B0X0A 0L0X0E 0B6
A0P 1N0J0M 1N0P0V 1E0R0B 0Z0V0P 1J0X0A 0N0X0E 0B7
A0P 1P0J0M 1P0P0V 1G0R0B 1C0V0P 1L0X0A 0R0X0E 0B8
G0G 0A2J0M 1S0P0V 1J0R0B 1G0V0P 1P0X0A 0S0X0E 0G0
G0G 0A3J0M 1T0P0V 1N0R0B 1H0V0P 1S0X0A 0V0X0E 0H0
G0G 0A7J0M 1V0P0V 1V0R0B 1J0V0P 1V0X0A 0W0X0E 0K0
G0G 0B3J0M 1X0P0V 1W0R0B 1K0V0P 1W0X0A 1H0X0E 0S0
G0G 0B4J0M 1Y0P0V 1Y0R0B 1N0V0R 0B3X0B 0A1X0E 0V0
G0G 0B5POL OA7P0V 1Z0R0B 1Z0V0R 1A0X0B 0A2X0E 0Z0
G0G 0C7POL OB2P0V 2G0R0B 2B0V0T 0A3X0B 0A3X0E 0A0
G0G 0C8POL OB4P0V 2L0R0B 2C0V0T 1L0X0B 0A4X0E 1L0
G0G 1G0POL 0A7P0V 2P0R0B 2E0V0T 1P0X0B 0A5X0E 1N0
G0G 1M0POL 0B2P0V 2Y0R0B 2G0V0V 0A2X0B 0C0X0E 1P0
G0G 1S0POL 0B4P0V 2Z0R0B 2H0V0V 1A0X0B 0E0X0E 1R0
G0G 1T0POL 1A0P0V 3B0R0C 0J0V0V 1C0X0B 1B0X0E 1W0
G0G 2C0POL 1H0P0V 3E0S0J 0B9V0V 1E0X0B 1J0X0E 1Z0
G0G 2R0POL 1S0P0V 3G0S0J 0C2V0V 1H0X0B 1K0Y0B 0B1
G0G 2W0POL 2H0R0B 0A0S0J 0G6X0A 0A0X0B 2A0Y0B 1C0
G0G 2Y0P0T 0C7R0B 0A1S0J 0G8X0A 0A1X0C 0A0Y0B 1N0
J0M 0A1P0T 1L0R0B 0A2S0J 0H0X0A 0A2X0C 0A1
J0M 0A3P0T 1Z0R0B 0A4S0J 0H1X0A 0A3X0C 0A2
J0M 0A4P0T 2B0R0B 0B0S0J 0W0X0A 0A4X0C 0A3
J0M 0A6P0T 2L0R0B 0B2S0J 2R0X0A 0A5X0C 0A4
J0M 0A7P0T 3A0R0B 0B5S0J 2W0X0A 0A6X0C 0A5
J0M 0A8P0T 3B0R0B 0B9S0J 3C0X0A 0A7X0C 0A6
J0M 0A9P0V 0A1R0B 0C3T0H 0B9X0A 0A8X0C 0A7


Our mission is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Please inspect your order immediately upon receipt and contact our Customer Service Department if there are any discrepancies or damage claims with your shipment.

Our delivery policy is subject to changes. Feel free to contact our customer service team for further support by email or phone. 


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